New spars


We can supply new masts, booms and spinnaker poles from both Selden and Superspars in carbon fibre or alloy. We can supply a bare tube or the set your rig up on your boat ready to launch and sail. Please call for details.




Whether you need a spinnaker halyard or new shrouds we can help you out. We have tooling to roll swage new shrouds as well as standard Talurit compression splicing. We have standard lengths for our common classes or can supply to your precise requirements. We take pride in the accuracy of our work, and are happy to work with you to provide what you require if this is possible.




As repair specialists we have the facilities to repair carbon fibre spars and poles. We are insurance company approved. Please call for details.


Vintage Merlin Rocket varnished 2014
Merlin Rocket championship prepped 2015
New Solo fitted out 2014
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